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Victor Memorabilia
All of our Phonograph Memorabilia is original and is in "as found" condition.

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Original Nickel Victor Key
An original Victor Key. What better way to open your Victor Victrola than with a Victor Key. Did you notice the "V"?

Original Gold Victor Key is also available.

Item 82
Original Nickel Victor Key

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Plaster Nipper
A 4" original plaster Nipper from approxiamately the late teens through the 20s. Will fit nicely under the lid of your Victrola or on a shelf near your Victrola.

Item 35853-1
Plaster Nipper

Plaster Nipper Plaster Nipper
Plaster Nipper Plaster Nipper Plaster Nipper
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RCA Victor Pen and Pencil Set
A 50s RCA Victor Pen and Pencil Set by Scripto. Great unused condition. Comes with original plastic cover (cover not shown).

Item 9912106
RCA Victor Pen and Pencil Set


RCA Victor Pen and Pencil Set
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HMV Needle Container
A nickel plated three compartment needle container. First introduced in 1923 by the Gramophone Co. Ltd., this is an extremely rare find in amazing condition. (The photo does not begin to do this item justice.)

Item 35902-2
HMV Needle Container

HMV Needle Container
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Victor HMV Printer's Block
A neat little item showing Santa with the body of a Victor Record.

Measures 2.5"H 2.25" x 1".

Item 35902-3
Victor HMV Printers Block

Victor HMV Printers Block
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Victor Pocket Mirror
A small pocket mirror advertising Victor Records and Victrolas. Features the W.H. Hannold & Sons, Swedesboro, N.J.

Item 35913-1
Victor Pocket Mirror

Victor Pocket Mirror
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