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Baby Dumplin with a Victor MonarchFor more than 20 years, Rose & Gracey's Antiques has been restoring and repairing phonographs and talking machines for people all over the U.S. and the world. Unfortunately, we are no longer restoring these fine treasures from the past. We thank everyone who has ever allowed the privildege of restorion their family phonographs and talking machines and we hope that you continue to treasure these wonderful machines for years to come.

We've taken a great deal of pride in restoring these fine treasurers back to their original factory condition. We've also take pride in duplicating almost any phonograph finish. We usually spent anaverage of 40 to 60 restoration hours on every machine we've sold.

If you're in need of phonograph restoration, be it a motor, a reproducer, or a complete cabinet restoration, write to us and we will try to direct you to another capable restoration artist.

Restorations of the past!
Here's a little of what we used to do!

Motors – were disassembled allowing thorough removal of 80 or more years of dried grease, dirt and damaging grit that eventually destroy the mechanical components. Worn, rusted, corroded or pitted parts were replaced. Motors were then re-greased and reassembled using the same style lubricants and tools as when the machine was originally built.

Baby Dumplin with a Victor MonarchSound – reproducing components were restored. Dried and cracked gaskets and micas were replaced, and broken or otherwise deteriorated parts are replaced insuring the best possible sound reproduction.

Cabinets – were likewise refurbished. When practical, original cabinet finishes were cleaned and polished or re-amalgamated to restore natural beauty. If total refinishing was required to restore the cabinet to its original beauty, the same materials (flake shellacs, varnishes, and stains) and methodologies were employed as when the machine originally rolled off the factory line.Baby Dumplin with a Victor Monarch


Thank you again for allowing us to be your restoration specialist.

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