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Victor Paper Memorabilia
All of our Phonograph Memorabilia is original and is in "as found" condition.

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Victor Victrola Semi-Automatic Brake Instruction Card
Victor Victrola Semi-Automatic Brake Instruction Card. Made around 1915.

Item 1319-1
Victor Victrola Semi-Automatic Brake Instruction Card.

Victor Victrola Semi-Automatic Brake Card
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Index of Victor Records
Blank and Never Used. Ideal for indexing your 78s. (Hard Cover)

Item 5-1
"Never Used" Index of Victor Records

Index of Victor Records
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The Orthophonic Victrola
Instructions for the setting-up, operation & care of the Orthophonic Victrola, electric motor type. 15 pages, from the mid to late 20s, 5" by 7" with some very minor tears on some pages and cover is starting to come loose. Overall in good condition.

Item 2482-1
The Orthophonic Victrola

The Orthophonic Victrola
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